a poem.

Introduction to the Poem

To start off, what inspired me to come up with the poem “A Bulletproof Heart”?

In 1986 I bought myself a nice leather vest in Istanbul, Turkey. I wore this vest all over the world, almost everywhere I went.
It safely carried my wallet, passport etcetera, all protected by the specially made zippers, not easily accessible by wrongdoers.
One day on the subway train of Mexico City, 3 little banditos tried to pickpocket me. I called out loud: “De qui es esta mano”? Whose hand is this? ( - not the Hand of God, ostensibly!). Immediately I had the attention of the crowd. A tall, big fellow came to my help and shouted “Leave this guy alone, otherwise I stuff your noses up your asses”! (Nice smell!) A few seconds later, at the next stop, the 3 maffiosi left the train. At the platform suddenly, one of the assholes swayed with a big knife and shouted at my hero in the train “Step on the platform, then I slice your head off!” The train took off, thank God!

I was grateful for all the support I got from the passengers and especially my guardian angel!

One hour later I noticed that the only things missing from my backpack were bandaid, a bottle of ink and condoms - all related to fluids.

Over the years my vest started to wear out, and it has been repaired many times, in Ecuador, Mexico, USA, Canada etcetera... The last time I took it to a taylor, was on the 16th of June 2014 on Olive Mountain, Jerusalem, Israel. The taylor is befriended with my friend Ibrahim Ahmad Abu El-Hawa, who lives on Olive Mountain, East Jerusalem.

About 10 years ago, for reasons unknown to me, I began to call my precious vest, which had many repaired holes, “my bulletproof vest”. Maybe it was not so bulletproof after all, because last year January I took my vest off, and all of a sudden a bullet fell to the floor in my living room. Where did it come from? For heaven’s sakes. Out of the vest for sure! But how did it get in there? I still have no clue. Of course I did not feel comfortable about the whole situation. I noticed that the permission-wrap of the bullet was missing, so it must have been fired at something. To neutralize the negative energy of the bullet I put it on my little altar, which has symbols on it from all religions. The laughing Buddha is also on there. Love, live, laugh is what he silently communicates.

It happened in the past in the USA that people who received a bullet by mail or otherwise, knew that this was a very serious warning, not to be taken lightly. It was certainly never meant to be a nice present for under the Christmas Tree.

Back to June 2014 in Jerusalem. My “bulletproof vest” was still with the taylor.

One evening, 11 o’clock, I walked from Ibrahim’s house down a narrow street to the little square nearby, where many Palestinians were watching TV, the World Championship Soccer 2014.
All of a sudden, almost out of nowhere, from the darkness... a black Mercedes raced in my direction, stopped next to me, a window opened in a split second, and what looked like a Kalashnikov appeared.
More then 20 rounds were fired at me. I was shocked. Next I realized it was a toy gun!
Still in shock, the only thing I could utter was, “Don’t do this”! The guys inside the Mercedes, laughed their heads off, and then sped off.
Who they were? I have no idea.

Since 2007 I regularly visit Jerusalem accompanied by the action artist Rob Schrama and some other friends from Amsterdam, for the yearly peaceproject the “Jerusalem Hug”. An initiative meant to stimulate/manifest peace between the Palestinians and Israeli, attended by people from all over the world. This year the festival will be on the 2nd of June, to celebrate peace and oneness in the “Jerusalem Hug”. Our friend Ibrahim is the “World Ambassador for Peace”, he traveled all over the planet and has appeared in numerous TV and Radio talkshows, and is friends with such illustrous people as Bill Clinton and The Dalai Lama. Ibrahim’s hospitality and his backpacker’s house is known throughout all the continents, he is a “Universal Peacemaker”. During our stay in Israel, we too enjoyed his kind hospitality. His website:

On the 29th of June 2014 in Jerusalem I have been interviewed on video by Eliyahu Holley. The subject was “Were Yahweh and the Elohim astronauts”? Yes! Do you want to know more about it? Then either visit the page “Disclaimer” of this website and find the link “Guido & E.Holley” or go to Youtube.

On the 1st of July we flew back to the Netherlands, in the evening I watched the TV News to see the 3rd Intifada in East-Jerusalem becoming manifest, which led to the the 3rd Gaza war. We all know the sad consequences.

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Alle Menschen werden Brüder, from the 9th Symphony, Ludwig von Beethoven

On my altar in my living room there still was the bullet - the negative symbol of all the bullets by which many children, women and men in July 2014 in GAZA, 70 in Israel, were killed. Each death is one too much, let’s be clear about that. Each year on planet Earth, twice as many bullets are produced as there are people! Who gains from this? The arms industry! That’s not you and me. Israel is the 4th biggest producer of weapons. About 300,000 people in this country work in this industry, as you can learn on the internet from the documentary “The Lab”, by the Israeli director Yotam Feldman. In Yotam’s doc. you see one of the “greatest” arms inventions by an Israeli ex-general: a gun with which you can shoot and kill around the corner. This general is very proud and fond of his invention, and as a result he became very rich. He sells it all over the world. I saw it being demonstrated in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Rio de Janeiro, keeping poverty under control by the “custodians”. In the documentary film, the “corner” weapon was dressed up in the fur of a rabbit, a “perfect” idea.
I love rabbits, I had several of those pets during the 2nd world war.
In the hungerwinter of ’44-’45 they had to be slaughtered, I refused to eat them. At the time I was 10, living in the Netherlands. On January the 27th in 1945, the few survivors from Auschwitz, Poland, were liberated by the Russians.

This has to stop now! The war Israel-Palestine, all the wars everywhere, all the war industries, with the poem “The Bulletproof Heart”.

So what did I do? On a street in Amsterdam one day I found an open heart made of silver. It must have been part of a necklace of a child, a girl. I put the heart on top of the bullet which stood straight up on my altar, like a missile.

In September 2014, I took this symbol for peace to the family reunion (we have a large family: at least 100 persons), at the beach in Noordwijk, which is situated along the western Dutch coast. Noordwijk is our family's beach resort since about 1930. Our parents took us there each year in the month of August, except during the 2nd World war. When I showed my brother Stan, a mechanical engineer, the heart bullet, he said, “I can bring the heart and the bullet together by soldering them together.” That is what he did, “now it is a work of heart-art”: the Bulletproof Heart.


No 1
(Work in Progress)

Once there was an American girl, 8 years young. Her name was Desiree. She desperately needed a new heart, otherwise she would not survive for long. It was a matter of days. The heart surgeons in the hospital, where Desiree was fighting for her life, received a donor heart from a 10 year old girl.

How this girl had lost her life, and who she was, was unknown to the recipient Desiree and her family. The transplantation was a success. Desiree recovered quickly and her normal life could resume.

Though Desiree enjoyed all the things she could do again, there was an inexplicable change shortly after the transplantation took place of the “nameless” heart: Desiree developed nightmares. She never had those before.

At night she started crying and screaming about the man who had murdered her donor.

Desiree’s anxiety came to a point that her mother decided to take her to a psychiatrist. Desiree said that she knew who the murderer was. After several sessions the psychiatrist could not deny the reality of what Desiree was telling. They decided to call the police. The police took their story serious. By using Desiree’s description, information from the Hospital about the identity of the victim, and how she came to her end, the police found the murderer. He was easily convicted with evidence Desiree provided. The time, weapon, a gun, place, clothes he wore, what the little girl had said to him… everything the little heart transplant recipient had reported was completely accurate.

By the way, the “nameless” heart’s name is Donata. Is this a complete fairytale? No! You will find it in the book, “The Living Energy Universe”, a fundamental discovery that transforms science and medicine. By Gary E.R. Schwartz, Ph.d. and Linda G.S. Russek, Ph.D. On page 82 and 83, of their book you find the part, “A Sherlock Holmes Heart”. As a child I devoured all the books by Sherlock Holmes, and other detective stories!

I changed the “Holmes Heart” report a little bit, and the names I used are fictitious. I had to adapt it to my purpose, “The Bulletproof Heart”.


No 2
(Work in Progress)

Once there was a Jewish girl, 8 years young, Lulu-Anne in Jerusalem, Israel. She desperately needed a new heart, otherwise she would not survive for long. It was a matter of days.
The heart specialists in the hospital where Lulu-Anne was fighting for her life, received a donor heart from a 10 year old girl. Who this girl was, and how she had lost her life? Was unknown to the recipient Lulu-Anne and her family.
Shortly after the transplantation took place of the “nameless” heart, Lulu-Anne had nightmares.
At night she started crying and screaming about the man, a young Israeli soldier who had shot her donor. To express her anger and feeling of powerlesness, the victim threw stones to the Streetcar in Jerusalem, together with other Palestinian children.
Lulu-Anne’s anxiety came to a point that her mother decided to take her to a psychiatrist.
Already after 3 sessions the psychiatrist could not deny the reality of what Lulu-Anne was telling, and decided to see her a few more times. That was certainly necessary, because the night following her last therapy, the first part of Lulu-Anne’s dream was very scary. She dreamed she was laying in a coffin. After she managed to open the lid and got out, she saw a wall of light, behind that wall she saw many children. In between the group of children there was a bearded man, she recognized him immediately.
It was her uncle Samuel, Sam, he had died all of a sudden the year before.
Uncle Sam waved at Lulu-Anne, and whispered, “come to me, come to me”. Lulu-Anne went through the wall of light, and embraced her uncle, they both cried. She had missed him very much. Again she played with him the way they did when she was still an infant.

Then uncle Sam introduced her to one of the children, a Palestinian girl, he said, “this is Amellu, she is the donor of the heart which cares for you now.” Amellu smiled at Lulu-Anne and said, “You have to go back to Earth, to your family, and find together with them my parents, let them become friends, and spread your heavenly dream all over Palestine and Israel, may peace prevail all over the planet. May people respect each other, become friends, in one big hug.

With this true dream-story in her heart, Lulu-Anne “the peace messenger” returned to Earth in the arms of her parents.

Her story “The Bulletproof Heart”, has been transplanted in all souls, all languages, all disciplines of Art, theatre, film, music, opera, sculpture, paintings... etc... etc.

The Bulletproof Heart led to the discovery of Heaven!


The eminent Iranian scientist, physicist Mehran Keshe, who lives in Italy, gave me the idea for the Bulletproof Heart Poem no. two. Keshe said, “Imagine! The parents of a Palestinian child would donate the heart of their dead child, to an Israeli child who desperately needed a healthy heart, a bulletproof heart.”

Imagine! The Palestinian girl got killed by a young Israeli soldier, while throwing stones, with other children, at a Jerusalem Streetcar. Imagine! Imagine! Imagine! John Lennon, “Imagine!”...

Keshe also states on his website, that he invented a device which disables all weapons.
He informed all governments on the planet about this invention. The government of Costa Rica could be the first to use it. They have abolished their army.

Keshe also suggests to transform all carbon taken from all the useless bullets into diamonds.
My suggestion: give all babies at their birth a splendid diamond to welcome them on a peaceful planet.


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